Make a plan, before you’re impaired

With the excitement of new school year beginning for university students, SGI is reminding to always have a plan for the way home before you head out for the night.

In 2020, 32% of all drivers involved in impaired driving collisions in Saskatchewan were between the age of 18 and 25.

In 2016, Amy Kaufmann lost her brother Tanner, when an impaired driver hit him while he was pulled over at the side of the road. She is now bringing awareness about the consequences of driving impaired. “That young man he went to jail, he lost his licence and he has numerous fines and tickets. It was his choice to drive while impaired and now the consequences are on his future.  He has to live everyday knowing that he took a life all because of a selfish action to decide to drive while impaired.”

SGI’s September Traffic Spotlight is reminding young adults about the importance of making safe choices. Tyler McMurchy of SGI, reminds younger drivers the options that they have. “Planning to have a designated driver in your group, planning to take a ride share,  a taxi or a designated driving service so you and perhaps your vehicle can get home safely. It also means you’re going to stay the night if some of those options aren’t available in the community where you are or calling someone when you have to much to drink or taking something else that may have impaired you.”

New drivers (anyone 21 or under, as well as all learner and novice drivers) that get caught with any amount of drugs or alcohol in their system will result in a minimum 60-day licence suspension, an immediate vehicle impoundment, fines, and Safe Driver Recognition penalties.

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