Dueling protests gather at Legislature as COVID-19 cases surge in Saskatchewan

Dozens of people gathered at the Saskatchewan Legislature Thursday to demand the government enact more COVID-19 measures as cases rise across the province, while others continue to push against them

The province recently recorded its highest daily total of cases since January, when vaccinations just started becoming available.

Brenda, one of the many concerned residents in attendance, says the government needs to prioritize the needs of the province over their summer vacations.

She adds she would like to see a return to earlier public health measures.

“I think they need to go back to some mask mandates for one thing,” said Brenda. “I don’t know if there’s much else than can be done if people won’t get vaccinated, nothing we can do about that.”

She says it’s time for the province to believe in the science and stop playing politics.

President of CUPE Local 5430, Judy Henley says the recent surge in cases has pushed front line workers to their limits.

She adds if the longer the Premier stays away, the worse the situation is going to get.

“Moe said ‘well, we have to get used to Covid, it’s going to be part of our lives’. I agree we do have to get used to Covid, but he has to get used to governing under Covid,” said Henley. “We need to put pressure on him, he needs to do his job, and he needs to get back here, instead of on the golf course.”

Henley says the most concerning thing about the fourth wave is the number of children who have gotten sick with COVID-19.

NDP MLA Carla Beck says the rally serves as a message of frustration from Saskatchewan residents.

She adds it’s disheartening that the government let it reach this boiling point.

“It’s frightening to think that they have really left all these people here, all of these levels of government, and all of these other people to pick up your slack,” said Beck. “We have doctors, we have medical experts crying out for them to do something, and the fact they can remain silent, and literally go golfing, while this is going on.”

All while people were calling for more COVID-19 restrictions, anti-maskers were across the street heckling and blaring music in an attempt to drown out the protest.

Regina Police officers were on scene, serving as a divider between the two groups.

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