NDP Urges For Data On Children Under Twelve In Daily COVID-19 Reports

The Leader of the official opposition says Premier Scott Moe has given up. Ryan Meili suggests that the Premier has given up on the fight against COVID-19 since releasing all the public health protocols in July, and he has given up on accountability because he is not sharing the provincial modelling on the virus that is available from experts and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The NDP leader says that Moe has given up on returning to the legislature to answer any questions about his actions or lack of action, and he has given up on kids. Meili explains that the government is not sharing the numbers on how many children under 12 are in the new cases COVID-19, and is not releasing information about the outbreaks at schools. Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Raymore and Punnichy have all reported cases in classrooms.

Meili says whether most of the people who are testing positive for COVID-19 are unvaccinated is not the point, because children under 12 aren’t able to be vaccinated yet, and hospitals are still overwhelmed whether the patients are vaccinated or not. Meili adds that there are children in the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital fighting for their lives in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and kids in the pediatric wards at JPCH and in Prince Albert at the Victoria General Hospital.

In all, the provincial NDP is calling for:
-Immediate release of provincial modelling
-Inclusion of data for children under 12 in daily reporting
-Details on child hospitalization and intensive care admissions
-Masking in all schools
-Vaccination requirements for teachers and school staff
-Immediate return to the Legislative Assembly for public accountability on Scott Moe’s mishandling of the 4th wave

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