Regina Police conducting community perception survey

The Regina Police Service (RPS) is conducting a community perception survey this month to gather feedback from residents on what kind of job the RPS is doing.

Spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich says there are a variety of topics people will have the chance to weigh in on.

“It is an opportunity for the public to tell us what they think about presence of police, our responsiveness, their trust and confidence, fear of crime, traffic enforcement, our use of social media,” said Popowich. “A whole lot of things that they get to provide their feedback on.”

This is the sixth time RPS has conducted such a survey and Popowich says the information has been very useful to the service.

“A lot of results over the years, we’re happy to say, point to a pretty high rating among the citizens of Regina,” said Popowich. “We know that there’s always room for improvement, but the survey has given us some good insights into what the community wants and needs from us.”

Popowich says RPS understands some people will be unsatisfied with the job they’re doing, but that’s why they need to keep improving.

“We want to continue to improve,” said Popowich. “We want to ensure that everyone in our city lives in safety and lives well.”

Popowich is urging anyone with questions or concerns about the survey to contact RPS at 306-777-6500.

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