NDP, Indigenous groups, urge province to stop selling Crown Lands

The Saskatchewan NDP are calling on the government to stop selling Crown Lands, citing it’s severely impacting Indigenous producers.

NDP Critic for First Nations and Métis Relations Betty Nippi-Albright says Indigenous farmers need to be consulted before the land is sold.

Former FSIN Chief Roland Crowe says the province is ignoring agreements like the 1930 Land Transfer Agreement.

“The province was never, ever given the mandate to sell our land, they were there to manage it,” said Crowe. “Now they’re selling it right out from under us. Can’t they even respect their own legislation and their own laws? What’s wrong with these people.”

Crowe says there needs to be transparency as to who is actually buying the land, adding this is affecting both Indigenous and non-Indigenous producers.

Crowe, who’s farm is exclusively on Treaty land, questions how the province can sell land that they’re not the proper owner of, adding the land is incumbered through the agreements in place.

Crowe urges potential buyers to do their research before buying the land.

“To foreign investors I say to you very clearly, you are buying incumbered lands, and you are buying from the wrong owners.”

He adds the only people who will properly take care of the land is grassroots people who currently operate on them.

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