Sask harvest reaches 36 percent

Saskatchewan farmers made good harvest progress this past week despite cool wet weather.

Provincial crops extension specialist Matt Struthers says 36 percent of the crop has been combined, up from 29 percent the previous week and ahead of the 5 year average of 22 percent.

Harvest ranges from 47 percent in the southwest to 21 percent in the northwest.

Rainfall ranged last week from a trace to 77 millimeters in Limerick, about 195 kilometers southwest of Regina.

Other areas receiving rain received 51 millimeters, Conquest 40 millimeters, Goodeve 30 millimeters and Rama 28 millimeters.

Recent rains have improved pastures.

Topsoil moisture rating is getting better with cropland rated one percent surplus, 40 percent adequate, 34 percent short and 25 percent very short.

Most crop damage this past week was caused by heavy rain, hail, strong winds, insects and long-lasting effects of drought.

The rain has downgraded many crops still in the field, with bleaching, staining, sprouting and fungal growth.

Yields are reported far lower than average for many parts of the province with some areas yielding almost nothing.

Producers are busy hauling bales and water as well as harvesting.

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