Over 3,700 hail claims submitted to SGI after Tuesday’s storm

SGI has been busy fielding claims after the powerful storm that rolled through the Regina-Moose Jaw area.

Spokesman Tyler McMurchy says while the claims vary, 95 percent of them are from the hail, adding as of Thursday afternoon, thousands of claims were already submitted.

“There have been so far, in Saskatchewan, 3, 723 auto claims filed to SGI,” said McMurchy. “There is also 714 property claims so far, and those numbers will continue to rise somewhat, it’s been a pretty significant event to be sure.”

McMurchy says in events like this, SGI tries to process as many claims as quickly as possible, adding it’s an all hands on deck approach.

“This is actually one of those events where SGI’s insurance adjusters from across the province, not just in the affected area, all pull together,” said McMurchy. “That can help speed that process along when we’re dealing with a major storm event like this, that’s exactly what happens because our priority is attending to our customers and serving them as quickly as possible.”

He says SGI was already processing claims while the storm was happening, and claims will continue to be processed for weeks to come.

If you have hail damage to your car, McMurchy says you don’t have to be in a rush to file your claim, adding you have some time to fix the damage.

“You have up to two years to get the damage fixed, so you do have some time,” said McMurchy. “When you’re talking about hail damage, the vehicle is still going to be driveable in many cases, so it’s not something people have to do within a day or two, they do have some time.”

To process a claim through SGI, visit their website.

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