Slowdown when passing through school zones

With kids set to return to classroom settings this year, there will be more traffic inside of school zones. SGI is reminding motorists to slow down when passing through school zones.

Media Relations Manager of SGI, Tyler McMurchy advises motorists that speeding tickets inside of a school zone is more expensive than a regular ticket.  Getting caught driving 20 km/h over the posted limit adds up to a ticket of $310, while in a regular zone that ticket would cost $190. School zone speeding tickets start with a base fine of $170 plus $4 for every km/h over the limit and a minimum $60 Victims of Crime surcharge.

McMurchy adds that it’s important for drivers to slow down in school zones to give them plenty of time to react to the children. “As any teacher will tell you, as any parent will tell you, they don’t always do what they’re supposed to do, and sometimes they will dart out between parked cars, children also tend to be smaller than other humans, they might be a little bit harder to see, so it’s important for drivers to slow down, give them plenty of time to react and of course always avoid distractions.”

Other ways motorists can help keeping kids safe inside of school zones include paying attention to pedestrian crossing lights and crossing guards, using caution around school buses as they are loading and unloading, avoiding U-turns in school zones, avoiding congestion in school zones by obeying “no stopping” signs, and if you’re dropping off kids at school, do it on the same side of the street as the school.

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