City of Regina in clean up mode after powerful storm

The City of Regina is urging residents to keep an eye for debris near catch basins in their area after the city was pummeled by a late summer storm Tuesday night.

Director of Water, Waste, and Environment Kurtis Doney says the city’s Northwest end was hit the hardest by the storm, receiving nearly 28mm of rain in just under an hour.

“The Northwest part of the city had the most rainwater that came down, and there was some localized ponding and flooding in the area just due to all the water trying to get in the storm drains,” said Doney. “And due to the amount of leaves that accumulated in the streets, there was some localized flooding in those areas.”

Doney says city crews worked through the night to clear debris from major streets, and ensure water was draining properly.

He adds while crews do their best, public help is greatly appreciated in making sure storm drains are clear.

“It’s very important to go out to your storm drain and ensure that the leaves are removed to allow the rainwater to enter the storm drains,” said Doney. “And even today, as the storm passes, to go out throughout the day if possible, and remove those leaves to allow the next rainstorm to enter into the catch basins.”

Doney says it’s not yet known the damage caused by the storm, but he expects with the hail and strong winds, it’ll be significant.

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