Transit Union not pleased with mandatory masks for drivers

On Friday, it was announced that all Regina public facing transit employees would be required to wear masks effective today.

President of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 588, Kevin Lucier feels the the union should have received more notice. He said the union only first received notice about the mask mandate later Friday afternoon, and while they were expecting the announcement, he said they would’ve appreciated more of a notice.

Lucier added that the drivers feel there’s some inconsistency with the drivers being required to wear masks while passengers are only encouraged to do so. Luicer says “It’s hard to accept that it’s done for our safety when we can still have another 70 people on the bus without a mask.”

According to Lucier, since the lifting of mask restrictions on July 11, there have been no positive cases of COVID-19 on Regina transit. He noted that their colleagues in Saskatoon have not made mandatory masks but have made protective vinyl barriers required, Lucier once again feels there’s a problem with consistency.

Full transit services resumed in Regina on Sunday.

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