Sask government accepts drought aid applications beginning September 1st

The Saskatchewan government has provided more details on the drought response initiative through AgriRecovery.

Applications will be accepted beginning September 1st.

The initiative will consist of two payments totaling up to 200 dollars per head for cattle, with adjustments based on animal unit equivalents for other livestock.

The initial payment will provide 100 dollars per breeding female in inventory as of August, 2021.

Secondary payments will be up to 100 dollars per breeding female in inventory as of December 31st, 2021.

Agriculture minister David Marit says eligible livestock include Canadian-owned female beef and dairy cattle, bison, elk, sheep or goats that are bred or intended to be bred.

The number of open replacement females that can be considered eligible livestock is 15 percent of the total number of bred females.

The 300 million dollar federal-provincial program is cost-shared 60-40, with the province providing 119 million dollars and Ottawa 178 million dollars.


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