Saskatchewan Cancer Agency unveils new treatment for brain cancer, first in Canada to do so

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) is taking big steps forward in the treatment of metastatic brain cancer, thanks to a new tool.

The HyperArc stereotactic radiosurgery system provides precise, high quality treatment with reduced side effects, leaving behind as much healthy tissue as possible.

Director of Radiation Therapy, Renee Belitski says the technology can speed up someone’s cancer treatment significantly.

“Stereotactic treatment is really about delivering more efficient treatment, and faster, more precise treatment to patients,” said Belitski. “So by treating, we’re allowed to deliver fewer higher dose treatments than traditional therapy.”

The SCA recently treated the first patient in Canada with the HyperArc system, and Belitski says it’s an exciting development for the organization and their patients.

“We have been delivering stereotactic radio surgery to brain patients in the province since 2016 in Saskatoon,” said Belitski. “Using this technology just allows us to expand and continue on with more detailed and conformal radiation therapy treatments.”

Belitski says the best part about the HyperArc is that more people will be able to get treatment closer to home.

“This treatment is really about making sure that our patients are able to have the treatment they need closer to home,” said Belitski. “So, instead of having to travel out of province, or to Saskatoon, our southern patients can now have access to this closer to home in Regina.”

Belitski says the SCA plans to have a HyperArc in Saskatoon within a year.


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