Sask harvest reaches 29 percent despite widespread cool, rainy weather

Saskatchewan farmers made some harvest progress this past week despite cool, rainy weather.

Provincial crops extension specialist Matt Struthers says 29 percent of the crop has been combined, up from 20 percent last week and well ahead of the five year average of 12 percent.

Harvest ranges from 43 percent in the southwest, 30 percent in the southeast, to 15 percent in the northwest.

Several large weather systems moved through the province, bringing heavy rain and hail in some areas.

The Grenfell area had the most rain at 97 millimeters, followed by Moose Jaw at 77 millimeters, Vanguard with 60 millimeters and Jedburgh at 55 millimeters.

The rain is expected to cause some crop downgrading but will benefit drought-stricken pastures for regrowth next year.

Topsoil moisture is rated one percent surplus, 32 percent adequate, 37 percent short and 30 percent very short.

The majority of crop damage this week was due to wind, heavy rainfall and hail.

Even with the rain, crop and pasture land remains under extreme stress from drought.

In the Hodgeville area, a tornado touched down and caused considerable damage tgo one farm yard, damaging buildings, equipment and grain bins.

With harvest underway, producers are reminded to be cautious in the field and be aware, take breaks and remain safe.

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