Added security in place as QCX opens its doors again

After closing down for two days, the final five days of the Queen City Ex are on starting Wednesday.

Those attending the fair should plan for increased time to get through the gates when arriving.

After a bear spray incident Saturday,  REAL is implementing metal detection screening at all gates as well as doing a bag search regardless of size before you are allowed in,

Below is a list of prohibited items that will be confiscated if found.
• Outside alcohol
• Non-prescription drugs
• Any object in security’s opinion that may be used as a weapon, including all knives.
• Aerosol cans (i.e. hairspray, silly string)
• Skateboards, roller skates or Heely’s shoes
• Signs which obstruct stadium pageantry or signage
• Whistles, electronic noisemakers, or compressed air horns
• Laser pointers/pens
• Poles or sticks (including selfie-sticks and flag poles)
• Obscene or indecent signs or clothing (at the discretion of security)
• Glass bottles, cans, or jars
• Pets except for service animals
• Unapproved pamphlets, handouts, or advertisements

Guests are reminded that during the QCX there is a compliment of Regina Police Service Officers (uniformed and plain clothes), contracted security and REAL Security Personnel on site.
If a guest witnesses anything suspicious they are asked to report it to the nearest security officer or guest services

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