Tornado Warnings and large hail make for an active night across Saskatchewan Monday

It was a night of active weather across southern Saskatchewan on Monday, with two Tornado warned storms and golf ball sized hail reported in numerous locations.

Environment Canada’s Shannon Moodie says they’ve received multiple reports of a tornado touching down in a field north of Glenbain.

They also issued a Tornado Warning for a cell west of Moose Jaw, that storm ended up producing golf ball sized hail.

Ping-pong ball sized hail was also seen near Major, close to Kindersley.

What we didn’t see was intense heat throughout the day, the classic ingredient for severe weather.

Moodie said however there was a lot of moisture in the air from previous rainfall.

“With that we had a system that moved through the province that gave us a substantial amount of lift, and we also had what we look for when we’re looking for severe weather and more specifically tornados, which is a lot of shear within the environment. So basically that’s the wind switching directions through the levels of the atmosphere, that helps the air to begin to twist,” Moodie said.

Regina saw some bright flashes of lightning and got just over 23mm of rainfall (according to a station near the city) in Monday nights’ storm that rolled through around 8:30 p.m.

Moodie says while the threat for severe weather has diminished, there is still a chance of thunderstorms and funnel clouds forming on Tuesday.

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