Sask feeder cattle markets mixed during the past week


Saskatchewan feeder cattle prices were mixed across the province during the past week.

Prices ranged from 266 dollars 13 cents per hundredweight for the 300 to 400 pound category to 178 dollars 30 cents for the over 900 pound weight category.

The largest price increase was in the 600 to 700 pound weight category, with prices rising 1 dollar 77 cents per hundredweight to average 210 dollars 40 cents per hundredweight.

The largest price decrease was in the 400 to 500 pound category, with prices dropping 2 dollars 62 cents to end the week averaging 244 dollars 38 cents per hundredweight.

Heifers were also mixed, with prices ranging from 216 dollars 80 cents for 300 to 400 pound heifers per hundredweight to 172 dollars 46 cents per hundredweight for over 800 pounds.

Feeder cattle marketings were 9,341 head last week, much higher than the 6,329 head marketed in the same week last year.

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