City of Regina asking residents to weigh in on vehicle idling

The City of Regina is looking for resident’s opinions on vehicle idling and what changes they would support.

Manager of Energy and Sustainability Solutions Greg Kuntz, says the survey will be very helpful in the City’s plan to be net-zero by 2050.

“Idle control programs are a common tactic used by many Canadian cities, and we just really want to get a handle on idling behaviours from our residents, just so we understand what’s really going on out there,” said Kuntz. “And what residents concerns are over idling.”

The City estimates that if every driver in Regina reduced idling by one minute per day, 6,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions would be eliminated, that’s equal to taking about 1,500 cars off the road.

Kuntz says it’s important for people to take part in the survey in order to collect proper data to discuss at City Council.

“It’s really important that we understand residents’ behavior, but also considerations of the community, or other groups, on where they may feel idling is required or necessary, because this is about really reducing that unnecessary idling that goes on.”

People wishing to take the survey can do so on the City’s website.

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