RPS release safety tips for Queen City Ex

Regina Police are reminding people attending the Queen City Ex this weekend to take steps to prevent a tragic or unfortunate incident from happening.

In a video posted to the Regina Police Twitter, Corporal Melinda Lalach says parents should take a picture of their child the day they head to the QCX in case they get lost.

“At the gate, you can get a sticker that you can put on your child and you can put your contact information on it in the event you do become lost, or separated from your child,” said Lalach. “And if you do become lost or separated, kids, we want you to contact a police officer, or get a hold of an Evraz volunteer as soon as possible, we don’t want you to wait.”

Regina Police Corporal Jesse Singh says valuables shouldn’t be brought to the QCX unless they are absolutely necessary.

“If you do need to bring valuables, make sure they’re in a zippered bag so things don’t fall out while you’re on a ride, or you don’t forget them after you’re having your favourite snack,” said Singh.

With both QCX and the Rider game happening on the same day, Regina Police say parking and traffic will be impacted, and remind people to give themselves extra time to ensure they can safely enjoy one or both events.

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