Trudeau makes campaign stop in Regina, promises paid sick leave for employees

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made a brief campaign stop in Regina Friday to urge voters to help break the “blue wall” in Saskatchewan.

Addressing supporters braving the rain, Trudeau said the government’s main goal for the past 18 months has been keeping Canadians safe from COVID-19, adding he vows to keep doing so if re-elected.

“We’re moving forward with ten days of paid sick leave to make sure if you catch a cold, or if you have a sniffle, you don’t have to make a choice between going into work or losing your paycheque,” said Trudeau. “That’s something we need to see right across the country because keeping Canadians safe needs to job one for all of us.”

He stated the Liberal government has stood behind Canadians for the past six years, adding that voting the Conservatives back into power would be a step backwards for the country.

He pointed to the example of the recent agreement between the provincial and federal governments for $10/day childcare by 2025.

“It’s appalling to think of the fact that Erin O’Toole has committed that he is going to rip up the deal we signed with the government of Saskatchewan for $10/day daycare,” said Trudeau. “This is an investment not just in supporting families, but in creating stronger economic growth. These are the things that the Conservatives don’t understand when they promise to take Canada back.”

He finished his message by saying this election is more important than ever and Canadians deserve to have their voices heard.

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