STF feels guidance by government creates more questions than answers

“Encouragement for vaccines and masking are a good place to start, but it isn’t enough.”.   That is the opinion of Saskatchewan Teachers Federation President Patrick Maze who is responding to the government who said Friday it recommends children under 12 as well as unvaccinated teachers and support staff wear masks in common space like hallways and lunchrooms, but mask use is not mandatory.  They added those born in 2009 can now be vaccinated.

Maze says all this has done is create more questions than answers as he reiterates a call for all eligible students, teachers and support staff to be vaccinated before stepping foot inside a school.

“This continues to prolong those who are reluctant to get vaccinated. It continues to give them a pathway as opposed to biting the bullet, getting vaccinated and keeping everyone safe as we get through this pandemic.” Maze said. “Momentum is gaining across the country about this happening with large businesses now doing so so it is doable, it just takes the leadership and the foresight to recognize this is the way to get through the pandemic and that we won’t do it by giving people options.  The best option is to get everyone vaccinated who is eligible and put this pandemic to rest.”

  • Mask use being recommended in schools, but not being made mandatory

Maze says the government has forced school divisions and principals into the unenviable position of making and enforcing decisions that is ultimately their responsibility. He says clear direction from government aligned with recommendations from health professionals is what is needed as students and staff have the right to a safe working environment which can be had with a mandatory vaccine and masking policy.



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