Regina-Lewvan Liberal candidate Susan Cameron knows she has challenge in front of her

Susan Cameron. Photo Twitter. 

Susan Cameron is running for the federal Liberals in Regina-Lewvan.  It is the first time she has entered the political arena and it something that many tried to talk her out of because of the party’s popularity in Saskatchewan.  While she welcomes the advice given, she says she is more than up to the daunting challenge put in front of her.

“People have asked me why I am running, they have tried to discourage me from running because of the Conservatives strength in Saskatchewan and they have wondered if this is a personal and professional risk, but I am still doing it. ” Cameron said. “I have served my community for 30 years as a teacher, volunteer, coach and public servant and this is the next step.  I am excited to get out there and spread the message that Regina can regain a voice in government at the table where decisions are made.

Cameron knows there is apathy amongst many in Saskatchewan with the Liberals, but she feels a lot has been accomplished and that it has been good for Saskatchewan which is a message she hopes to get across.

“Regina-Lewvan is an evolving riding. It is a riding that is younger, more vibrant and more global than it was seven years ago and I am ready to give them a chance to vote for someone who is more progressive, more inclusive and that values science and expert advice.  I’ve got to step forward and give people with progressive voices  in Regina-Lewvan  a chance to vote for someone to be in government.  It is the message I will be giving.”

Cameron also feels that losing Ralph Goodale in the 2019 federal election was something that has hurt both the province and the city and that voters need to realize that the Liberals need someone at the table to look for not only Saskatchewan’s interests, but Regina’s.

“The impact of losing that representation in both cabinet and caucus in 2019 has been felt by many in the province regardless of their political stripe.” Cameron said. “I think western producers, local businesses, charities and families are not represented right now which is why I am stepping forward. We need to elect a voice for Regina that is strong and informed who will sit at the table. Decisions will be made in the next four years involving our economy and climate change which will affect us so we need to have at least one Saskatchewan voice at the table when those discussions are had because Saskatchewan’s voice needs to be heard loud and clear.”





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