Fraser Tolmie resigns as Moose Jaw mayor to pursue federal politics

Fraser Tolmie made it official Tuesday night, and resigned his position as Moose Jaw’s Mayor.

Tolmie is seeking a seat in Ottawa, and is running for the Conservatives in the upcoming federal election for Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan.

An emotional Tolmie spoke to reporters Tuesday night, and said he’s proud of the last five years.

“I’m proud of our community, I’m proud of people being able to put down their own personal ambitions to be able to work together, to make life better for others within the city, I’m proud of our council, I’m proud of our achievements, I’m proud of our administration,” Tolmie said.

Looking back on his tenue, Tolmie said they were able to address aging infrastructure, and have been able to find solutions to make sure citizens have clean drinking water, parks to play in and roads that are getting paved.

Councillor Dawn Luhning has been appointed acting Mayor until a new mayor is sworn in following a by-election, that legally must be held within six months time.

Moose Jaw City Council will be discussing details surrounding a by-election at its upcoming meeting August 23.



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