SHA says individual on bus for August 6 Rider game has tested positive for COVID-19

If you took the shuttle bus from Birmingham’s to and from the Riders game on August 6, the Saskatchewan Health Authority is telling you to self-monitor for COVID-19 after an individual on that bus tested positive for the virus.

The SHA says contract tracing is ongoing; however, as those in question rode on shuttles with people unknown to them and likely within six feet, and they were not wearing masks, the contact tracing has been difficult.  The SHA adds the person or persons who were infectious sat near the front of the bus.

The SHA is telling people who were in attendance at the business. particularly those who travelled to and from Mosaic Stadium by bus should

  • Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 until August 20, 2021;
  • If symptoms develop, start self-isolating immediately and seek testing; and
  • If you already feel unwell or were in contact with an ill individual while at the game or afterward self-isolate and seek testing immediately.

Self-isolation means you need to stay home, avoid contact with anyone who is not fully vaccinated (individuals who are considered fully vaccinated have received two doses of vaccine and are at least two weeks past their second dose), and stay away from work, school, stores, social events and any other public setting.

It is not known if this is related to Friday’s announcement of someone who sat in Pil Country for that August 6 game against B.C who tested positive.

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