2021 Federal election officially underway, voting day September 20th

The 2021 Canadian general election is a go after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially dissolved Parliament this morning.

Speaking to reporters outside Rideau Hall this morning, Trudeau said the government has done all it can to support Canadians through the pandemic, but now it’s up to Canadians to choose their path going forward.

“Now it’s time to hear your voice. The decisions your government makes right now, will define the future your kids and grandkids grow up in,” said Trudeau. “So, in this pivotal, consequential moment, who wouldn’t want a say? Who wouldn’t their chance to help decide where our country goes from here?”

With the country grappling with the fourth wave of COVID-19, Trudeau says it’s important that Canadians choose how to see the end of the pandemic through.

Trudeau said many people have differing views on the pandemic, and Canadians deserve to voice theirs.

“As a government we chose to federal public servants, and everyone boarding a train, or a plane be vaccinated. Not everyone agrees, not every political party agrees,” said Trudeau. “Well, Canadians should be able to weigh in on that, and on so much more.”

When asked why he would call an election during a pandemic, Trudeau said Canadians have stepped up during the pandemic, and it’s time for the government to also step up.

“In this important moment, maybe the most important since 1945, and certainly in most of our lifetimes, who thinks Canadians shouldn’t have a say,” said Trudeau. “After making it through 17 months of nothing like we’ve ever experienced, Canadians deserve to choose what the next 17 months, or the next 17 years, and beyond, will look like.”

Trudeau will be looking to secure another majority government after losing it in 2019.

Canadians will head to the polls on September 20th.

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