Proposed $350-million straw pulp mill in Regina topic of upcoming open house meeting

A proposed $350-million wheat straw based pulp mill for Regina will be the topic of an open house meeting later this month.

Red Leaf Pulp CEO Martin Pudlas, says the meeting will enable the public to ask any questions about the proposal.

He says the facility will turn waste straw into paper products but will not have the bad smell of wood-based pulp mills.

He adds there are economic advantages.

He says the facility will enable local farmers to sell waste straw to Red Leaf, representing a 35 to 55 percent net income increase per acre and diversifying the revenue stream for growers.

The $350-million facility will create 110 full time jobs and produce 182 thousand tons of pulp from waste wheat straw.

There will be 250 jobs during construction, which is expected to begin on the west side of Regina next year.

The open house will be August 25th at the Delta Hotel in downtown Regina.

The mill will produce pulp for items like paper towels, tissue and cardboard.

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