Increased COVID-19 exposure risk at Aug.6 Saskatchewan Roughrider game

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is warning the public of an increased risk of COVID-19 from last week’s Saskatchewan Roughrider game at Mosaic Stadium.

The risk of exposure occurred at the Pil Country section between 5:30-11:00 pm on Friday, August 6. There is at least one case of an infected individual attending the game in this section.

As per Disease Control Regulations, all individuals in attendance, particularly those watching from the Pil Country end zone, during this date and time should self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 until August 20.

If symptoms develop, individuals should start self-isolating immediately and seek testing. If they were in contact with an ill individual while at the game or afterward they should self-isolate and seek testing immediately.

Contract tracing is ongoing, however as this case is located in Pil Country, end zone contract tracing is difficult.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are encouraging fans to wear masks and to get vaccinated when attending Mosaic Stadium. The Roughriders have been working alongside health officials throughout the year and followed their guidelines as they re-opened Mosaic Stadium to the public and will be continuing to work alongside these officials looking for their expertise going forward.

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