Regina Airport hopeful for a smooth process with vaccine passports

Travelling through the airport could be a faster process with the introduction of vaccine passports.

Earlier this week, the federal government announced that vaccine passports will be available some time this fall which could be used for international travel.

Regina Airport Authortity CEO James Bogusz, is in favour of technology that would help speed up the process at the border reentry. “The technology that they’re talking about is meant to supplement the existing processes that would be in place today. Like showing a vaccine card or using the arrivecan app that Canadians can use when returning to the country to help expedite the border reentry.”

He noted while technology isn’t a problem, the current restrictions from the federal government are the real issue. “Our big focus right now, it’s not for us, really here now the technology that’s chosen to provide credentials. What really it’s about, is focusing on having the federal government relax the rule to allow our airport here in the queen city to once again receive non stop flights from the United States and other international destinations.”

Bogusz believes the vaccine passport will potentially offer more harmony when travelling internationally. “If a country requires a vaccination whether it be a paper, an application that the country makes or whether it be a more unified system. From what I understand the intention or what the government is suggesting is that there will be more synergy between what our country and what some other countries are doing who require vaccination.”

If anyone wants to travel to the United States via airline, they would first have to fly to another canadian airport before they would head to the United States. Currently there are nine airports in the country that can receive international flights.

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