Sarauer defends now-deleted photo taken at Friday’s Rider game

NDP Deputy leader Nicole Sarauer has gone to social media to defend a photo taken during Friday’s Rider game that shows herself and fellow MLA’s Aleana Young and Carla Beck in Pil Country along with others enjoying themselves while not wearing masks.

The photo, which was taken down from the party’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, had many outraged since the NDP has been critical of the government for not mandating that you need to be vaccinated before attending a Rider game. In June, Young and fellow MLA Meara Conway stood outside the stadium calling for the government to make it mandatory that you had to be fully vaccinated to attend. At the time Young said”We’re both moms and we both want to be able to go to big events in this province and know that if we’re taking our families and our little people under the age of 12 who can’t be vaccinated, that the province and the premier is doing everything that they can to keep the smallest people and most vulnerable people in the province safe.

In her statement, Sarauer says she understands the photo raises questions but all in her group did have masks with them and were fully vaccinated. She goes on to say this is one more example of the confusion and challenge of navigating this pandemic with a government that has decided to pat itself on the back for a job half-done.

There has been no comment on this from leader Ryan Meili with the government choosing to stay silent as well.

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