City of Regina to look at possible Ring Road improvements

The city’s most travelled road is going to be looked at to see what improvements can be made.

The city is looking for a consultant to write a comprehensive study on the Ring Road that will look at many things including speed, signage and lighting with both long and short-term solutions being identified.

The City’s Carolyn Kalim says the study will look at everything including how much the new bypass has helped when it comes to traffic.

“With the opening of the bypass, we are now gathering data with the bypass in full operation,” said Kalim. “So part of the review the consultant will be undertaking will include some of the data we have on the current state, and the consultant will be responsible for making that type of analysis and drawing the appropriate conclusions and recommendations.”

Once a consultant is chosen to form the report. which is expected before the month is over, the expectation is it will be in the city’s hands by March. The cost of the study is $215,000.

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