Aphids responsible covering Regina cars, sidewalks in sticky substance

Some in Regina have experienced a syrupy substance on their cars, sidewalk and roads.

Those are wondering just what exactly this is and why it is happening.

The open spaces manager for the City is Russell Eirich. He says that substance is honeydew and you blame it on aphids.

“Aphids are, to use a bit of an analogy, are similar to a mosquito for people,” said Eirich. “Well, aphids like to suck the juices out of a leaf on a tree.”

In the past, the city has brought in ladybugs to try and control the aphid population but this year that couldn’t happen.because of a supply problem.

For those who have the substance on their car, Eirich says taking it through a car wash should do the trick or washing the vehicle yourself with warm soapy water.

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