Impact of Canada’s soccer gold medal felt locally

The biggest moment in Canadian Soccer history occurred early Friday morning as the Canadian Women’s Soccer team won the Gold Medal after defeating Sweden. While the Gold Medal victory took place in Tokyo, the effects could be felt across the world, including here in Saskatchewan.

Rahim Mohamed, Director of Soccer for the Saskatchewan Soccer Association said watching the Gold Medal was an inspirational event “It’s an incredible feeling to witness such a gutsy, hardworking incredible performance by the Women’s National Team has done everyone in Canada proud. There were the ups and downs, they fought all the way through the game.”

Mohamed believes that today’s victory could be one that inspires many young soccer players to chase their dreams. “For players to be apart of this dream, to see them be successful on the international level playing the best of the best, I think it’s going to be inspirational for them, it’s an opportunity to celebrate a sport that they already participating in, and for some players or athletes, they may start to play soccer as a result of what they got to witness. It’s definitely going to have nothing but a positive impact and I think we’re going to continue to see more and more people with Sinclair jerseys on their back along with some of the other new heroes that have emerged through this Gold Medal run that are going to be the role models for the future generation.”

Mohamed added that the Canadian Women’s Soccer team are great role models for young soccer players across the country ” Their willingness to believe in themselves which was communicated to the team throughout the Olympic competition and not backing down, they said going into the tournament change the color of the medal. After two bronze medals after the past two Olympics, it’s a bold statement. But it shows the believe and that it’s a great empowering message for any athlete to chase their dream and I think that’s incredibly inspirational.”

Mohamed noted the Gold Medal was particularly sweet for Saskatchewan since one member has ties to the province, Janine Becker parents are both from Saskatchewan.

Friday’s Gold Medal victory was a crowning achievement for Christine Sinclair’s storied career with Canadian Soccer, and Mohamed it was great to see Sinclair be awarded a Gold Medal. ” I think we often celebrate people when they are no longer in the game, I think it’s incredible that we get to celebrate her now that she’s still involved. She has set record after record, she’s an incredible ambassador, she’s incredible for the game, she’s incredible role models for young players on the team.

On August 21 Soccer Day in Saskatchewan will take place in Saskatoon and Mohamed says he’s looking forward to celebrating the sport of soccer on that day.

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