REAL Consulting With Stampede Officials Ahead of Queen City EX

The Regina Exhibition Association Ltd. (REAL) will be taking every precaution to ensure that everyone who attends the Queen City Exhibition has a safe and enjoyable experience.

With the Calgary Stampede in the rear view mirror after wrapping up two weeks ago, REAL has been in contact with their Alberta counterparts in preparation of the Queen City Exhibition in Regina.

Tim Reid, President & CEO of REAL feels it has been a great working relationship, “Every time we reached out to the Calgary Stampede they’ve shared, finding the same thing reaching out to Edmonton as they put on their fair this weekend, I will say we’ve been sponges and trying to gain whatever we can from it.

On Wednesday, Alberta Health said at least 113 people caught COVID-19 at the Calgary Stampede with 31 of those were out-of-province cases. Alberta Health added there have been 313 cases connected to people who attended the Stampede during their incubation period.

Reid says it’s tough to call the amount of positive cases of COVID a success, but thought Stampede officials did a great job. “I’m not sure that I have a position that the results were good or bad, I think the reality of it is that they put great protocols in place, they managed it well and they were delivered it to the Stampede and they had great learning offerings to share with our team.”

There was some discussion about vaccination passports at the Calgary Stampede because anyone who attended the Nashville North live music venue were required proof that they got their vaccination or were required to participate in a rapid COVID 19 test. The Stampede says out of the 6,600 people who were tested fewer than five or 0.05 percent was positive.

Reid explains that REAL isn’t in a position to make a Vaccination passports mandatory at the EX. “We haven’t built our systems that way, but obviously if that was to change and the government says hey you need a vaccination passport we would adapt to that, but right now we’re satisfied with the approach that we’re taking, it leans heavily on the public to get vaccinated and to respect each other as well.”

The Queen City Exhibition begins in Regina on August 20.

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