Saskatoon-based Nutrien to jointly build an ammonia-powered maritime vessel


Saskatoon-based Nutrien has signed an agreement with Exmar to jointly develop and build a low-carbon, ammonia-fueled vessel.

Partners for over 30 years in transporting ammonia globally, Nutrien is one of the world’s largest producers of low-carbon ammonia and Exmar is a leading innovator in transporting liquefied gas products.

The new agreement aims to reduce Nutrien’s maritime transportation emissions and enable the commercial development of an ammonia-fueled vessel.

Together, they will chart a clear path for wide adoption of low carbon ammonia as a clean fuel for the maritime industry.

Nutrien has been pursuing the development of low-carbon ammonia for more than a decade, and has one million tons of production in Alberta.

Compared to conventional fuels, it is expected the use of low-carbon ammonia will reduce greenhouse gas emissions of up to 40 percent.

Emissions reductions of up to 70 percent can be achieved.

Nutrien is the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services.

It also has a facility for ammonia production in the U.S.


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