Former REAL worker owns up to mistake

We have all gotten cash in the mail at some time in our lives, but it comes because of a birthday or something else.
Evraz Place received a letter this week containing money and there is quite the story behind it.
The letter contained $230 dollars and an admission of guilt.  The person sending the anonymous letter said a number of years ago they worked at the gate for an event and pocketed some of the money for themselves so they could buy Christmas gifts.  It was a decision he or she regretted and they are now sending the money back.
Evraz Place spokesperson Mark Rathwell says they were obviously surprised at what they received and while not pleased about the fact a theft took place, they understand the reasons for what happened..
“It’s easy to say we were all young once and made some decisions that you now shake your head at.” Rathwell said. “This person is obviously someone who has good character and just made a decision in the moment that they regretted and they want to make good on it. “

With so many events happening at Evraz Place, it is impossible to pinpoint just when this may have happened.  The money is going to a good cause as it has been donated to the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan.

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