Merriman says SK vaccination numbers are great

On Sunday, the province announced another 4,722 COVID-19 doses had been given.  Of those, 881 were first doses with another 3,841 becoming fully vaccinated.

As it stands right now, almost 75 percent of the population aged 12 and over had gotten one shot with 61 percent of those 12 and over being fully vaccinated.

Health Minister Paul Merriman is encouraged by those numbers and says there are many Saskatchewan people who have done the right thing by getting their two shots with others who will do the same thing.   He says while the numbers are great, he does want to see them get higher.

“I’d be very happy if we got to 80 to 85 percent.” Merriman said. “That would be an extremely high uptake and we know it’s those under 40 who are a little hesitant in getting the vaccine for a lot of reasons, but we see the seniors are well into the high 80’s and if they can get out and do this because they see the importance, I would encourage those in younger demographics to get it done as well.

Merriman is also happy to see case numbers staying low in the two weeks since the province dropped restrictions.

“It’s extremely encouraging  People are still being diligent and wearing masks which is fine.” Merriman said. “It is nice to see numbers stay low.  We do know there are problems in the north, but it is great to see people interacting again and how great it is to mingle with people again on a daily basis.  In speaking with people, I see a sense of relief and joy and now we are seeing the fruits of our labour.

The minister also says that while numbers are low and people are getting back to a level of normalcy that COVID-19 is not over, but numbers are showing those that those who have been vaccinated have been protected meaning their chances of being hospitalized if they should catch the virus are minimal which is the outcome everyone wants.

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