Regina MP says leaving Saskatchewan off international flights list a “political decision”

Regina Conservative MP Michael Kram feels the Liberal government just doesn’t want to co-operate with Saskatchewan.

Kram says the announcement this week that saw five airports get added to where international flights can land with Regina and Saskatoon not being added is a direct slap in the face to the provincial tourism sector.

“There doesn’t seem to be any good reason for the federal government to deny international flights to Regina or Saskatoon when they’re allowing them to many other cities in the country,” said Kram. “I think this was a political decision, there’s no good reason to prevent Regina or Saskatoon from having international flights.”

Kram says it says a lot when the Quebec City airport, which is an airport that is approximately the same size and class as Regina’s, can accept international flights yet Regina can not. He says like the control tower issue earlier this year, it is another attack on Saskatchewan air transportation from Ottawa.

Kram says it is time for Regina and area citizens and stakeholders to once again voice their opinion and protest this decision much like they did with the air traffic control tower situation earlier this year that was eventually resolved.

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