Environment Canada expects smoke to become thicker in Regina

It is another smoky, hazy day in Regina because of forest fire smoke and it is expected it will get worse before it gets better.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang says the smoke isn’t coming from what is happening in northern Saskatchewan.

“There’s a push of smoke coming in from the east. The upper winds are pushing that smoke in from Manitoba, but with fires happening there, here, Alberta, B.C and Montana, it is hard to see a pattern where some forest fire smoke won’t be affecting us in some way for the next few days.” Lang said.  “With so many sources of smoke, it is a matter of how much is around and how much mixes down to the surface.

While temperatures have been cooler, that doesn’t mean the heat has gone away.  Lang says the smoke stops the sun from delivering the heat to the ground making it tough for them to give accurate forecasts and potential storm activity.



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