Craik resident continues family streak of turning 100, third sister to reach century mark

It’s not every day someone turns 100 years old, it’s even more rare for three sisters to surpass the century mark.

The youngest of the Elliott sisters, Elva McDougall, celebrated her 100th birthday on July 11th, joining her older sisters Olive, who is currently 101, and Lavina, who passed away a few months after her 100th birthday in 2018.

When asked how it felt to turn 100, McDougall said it was rather surprising.

“I can’t believe it,” said McDougall. “It kind of creeped up on me.”

McDougall says the best advice she can give someone on how to live a long life is to just be kind.

Now that she is 100, McDougall says there are a few things she’s going to avoid.

“I don’t think I’ll get married again, that’s a nuisance,” said McDougall.

The Craik resident says one thing that amazes her is how different the world is now compared to when she was young.

McDougall brags about the fact that she has gone to the bar with all of her grandkids and three of her great-grandkids, for their first legal drinks.

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