SHA issues tips for heat, air quality safety for Saskatchewan residents

A few tips to beat the heat were sent out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Residents are reminded to be on the lookout for heat-related illnesses such as heat rash, heat fainting, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

A good way to beat the heat is staying out of the sun during peak hours, staying hydrated, and wearing loose cotton clothing, sunglasses and a hat.

Residents are also encouraged to check on individuals at risk to ensure that they are keeping safe from the heat.

Wildfire smoke causing poor air quality advisories in Saskatchewan

Poor air quality has plagued Saskatchewan due to the province’s wildfire situation.

As a result, the Saskatchewan Health Authority has issued some tips to help keep residents safe.

Residents are advised to remain indoors while there is smoke in the air, and to keep all doors and windows shut.

If experiencing increased symptoms from smoke that are greater than eye, nose or throat irritation, residents are recommended to call 9-1-1 or seek immediate medical assistance.


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