Sask crops show signs of heat stress in latest crop report


The latest Saskatchewan crop report says fields are advancing rapidly due to hot dry weather.

Provincial crops extension specialist Matt Struthers says prolonged heat and dry conditions has caused crops to be short, thin and advancing prematurely due to stress.

Without a significant rainfall, he says many crops will see yield and quality reductions.

Topsoil moisture is rated 14 percent adequate, 41 percent short and 45 percent very short.

Rainfall this past week ranged from nil to 64 millimeters in the Foam Lake area.

There were scattered showers with Odessa, Mossbank and Humboldt areas receiving 32 millimeters, Radville and Rockglen 29 millimeters and Avonlea 22 millimeters.

Crop and hay land damage this week was caused by extremely dry conditions, hot temperatures, winds, grasshoppers and severe hail storms.

Haying is advancing with 26 percent cut and 39 percent baled or put into silage.

The ministry of Highways reminds producers that grass is available, at no cost, for haying in highway ditches and rights of way.

Since July 8th, producers have been able to harvest any unclaimed hay without seeking permission of the adjacent landowner.

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