A familiar face in Saskatchewan returns home to become CEO of RCMP Heritage Centre

Tara Robinson is coming back to Saskatchewan.

The long-time CTV Regina anchor has accepted a position to become the new Chief Executive Officer of the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Robinson takes the reigns during a very pivotal time in the Centre’s history.

The Heritage Centre is transitioning to become a national museum by 2023 with the goal of telling the entire history of the RCMP.

Robinson says truth and reconciliation will play a big part in the new museum.

“We think that the RCMP has such an incredible story to tell, the RCMP’s been part of Canada’s history since Confederation, it has evolved over the decades and is part of the fabric of this nation,” said Robinson. “The first part of the process I extensive consultation with important people, such as the Indigenous communities.”

Robinson says the opportunity to work with the RCMP is something she has always wanted, adding she aspired of being an RCMP Officer when she was younger.

“For me, it’s incredibly special because it’s home in Regina, I love the Mounties, it’s right on the grounds of Depot Division,” said Robinson. “I really wanted to be a Mountie back in the day, but there was a height restriction, so I never got to be a Mountie then, but now it’s almost come full circle.”

Robinson, who left Regina in 2007, says coming back home was a huge part in the decision to take on the role.

“It’s so great to be home, I can’t wait for the first Rider game, I haven’t been to Mosaic Stadium yet, so it’s great to be home,” said Robinson. “And it’s really wonderful to be working with a really dedicated team who’s committed to making this happen. This is going to take a lot of work, and it’s not going to be easy, but there is no place I’d rather be doing this than at home here in Regina.”

The federal government has allocated $4.5 million to help the Heritage Centre transition to a national museum, the westernmost national museum in the country.

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