Regina Cat Rescue looking for foster homes as number of rescues increases

The Regina Cat Rescue is looking for more people to foster cats, as many are needing homes.

There are currently 180 cats in RCR’s care, and more and more are being called in every day.

Adoption Coordinator Alanna Whippler says they want to be able to help every cat they can.

“These are stray cats that people are finding and they’re living on the streets, and people are concerned about their safety,” said Whippler. “We’re in a position where we’re just not able to help right now until we get more adoptions and get more fosters on board to help take in some of these poor cats.”

Whippler says a lot of people who become fosters end up adopting the cat after a short while, which is another reason why fosters are always needed.

She assures the rescue will do their best to pair any potential fosters with a cat that works for them.

“We try and set everyone up for success here,” said Whippler. “We don’t want to be moving cats around anymore than we have to because it’s stressful for them.”

While summer is usually a busy time of year for RCR, Whippler says it seems more people were giving up or abandoning their cats during the pandemic.

She adds many people took in pets during lockdown due to being at home more, and now that Saskatchewan is back to normal many people find they can’t afford a cat.

“We’re taking a lot of adult cats in right now, normally this is the time of year when we’re just full with kittens, and we have a lot of mature adult cats,” said Whippler. “We’ve had a number of cats surrendered back to us that were adopted previously, people that have fallen on hard times, and can’t care for them.”

She adds it’s important for people to keep in mind that adopting an animal is a commitment.

More information can be found on Regina Cat Rescue’s website.

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