Provincial Fire Ban Continues as Wildfire Numbers in Saskatchewan Continue to Grow

The wildfire situation in Saskatchewan continues to grow.

That according to Vice-President of Operations for the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, Steve Roberts, who says as of Monday morning there were 91 active fires in the province, and 312 fires already this year. “Based on this fire behaviour and the fire loading, the provincial fire ban will remain in place and will be reviewed shortly.”  Roberts says the only precipitation seen recently is in the far north of the province, which has brought some reprieve to northern fires, but the lower two thirds of the province continues to see hot, dry weather with very little precipitation.

Roberts states already this year there have been over 100 more fires compared to the five year average. Roberts says currently fires are being contained by internal resources.  “Resources across Canada are currently stretched, including resources that we may obtain from the States.  As you see the fire situation in Idaho, B.C and Ontario, they are experiencing similar.”  Roberts explains there is currently no plans to bring in external resources and that fires are being managed by internal crews, resources and equipment.

Currently there are concerns to communities in proximity to these wildfires:

  • A fire in the west of the province near Dillon, Michelle Village, St. Georges Hill (evacuations have occurred because of this fire, including approximately 31 people who have evacuated to North Battleford).
  • A fire in the vicinity of Stanley Mission
  • A fire between the communities of Black Lake and Stony Rapids
  • A fire in the vicinity of Grandmother’s Bay
  • Numerous fires adjacent to or in the proximity of  Highway 102 between La Ronge and Wollaston Lake


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