Mask restrictions at YQR International Airport eased, but not lifted

Provincial restrictions on indoor mask use being lifted are a sign of a return to normal for the YQR International Airport.

President and CEO of the Regina Airport Authority James Bogusz says masks are no longer required in the lobby, near the baggage claim, and while you’re waiting for a flight.

“However, there are still some federally mandated requirements for mask use which include the pre-board screening area — this is on our second floor — when you go through the security process, you do have to wear a mask during that time,” Bogusz said. “As well as when you are lining up and boarding an aircraft, and on an aircraft, you still have to wear a mask.”

Bogusz says while restrictions have relaxed, their cleaning routine has not.

“We do feel like we’ve got a great routine for enhanced cleaning and sanitization measures,” Bogusz said. “We’re still maintaining a large number of sanitizer throughout the building, as well as of course having plenty of soap and hot water in the bathrooms, and it really is going to give people — whether they be a traveler, a member of the public — an option to choose for themselves how they want to manage any health and safety concerns.”

Bogusz says they’re even seeing more traffic compared to even two months ago.

“In looking at the month of July — and these are just preliminary numbers and obviously we’re only 12 days into the month (Monday) — we’re actually trending at well over 30 percent, which is almost triple what we were seeing just a couple of months before.”

Bogusz says some of that is partly because of new flights gaining popularity such as WestJet flights to Kelowna and Flair Air routes to Vancouver and Toronto twice a week each.

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