SGI Canada urges caution for summer vacationers leaving their homes unattended

With COVID restrictions lifting Sunday, more people will likely take a summer vacation this year.

SGI says it you are heading out, even for just a few days, take precautions to prevent break and enters at your home.

Spokesman Tyler McMurchy has some tips to keep homes safe from illegal activity.

“Making your home look occupied, getting some help if you need, and not tipping off anybody to the fact that you’re away,” McMurchy said. “When we talk about securing the premises, you can do things like closing your blinds and curtains, locking doors and windows obviously, including your garage door.”

He also suggests cancelling mail delivery and having a neighbour cut your lawn and just keeping an eye on your property.

McMurchy says break and enters typically result in 1,300 claims per year to SGI.

“Last year in 2020, people were home more so that number dropped a bit, but with things opening up again, we want to make sure that people can avoid that unpleasant experience of having their home broken into and having their stuff taken.”

On a lighter note, McMurchy also suggests holding off posting vacation selfies on social media until you return home.


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