City of Regina will continue some cleaning protocols after public health measures lift

The City of Regina is preparing to adjust back to somewhat normal after public health restrictions lift on Sunday.

City Manager Chris Holden says in accordance with the province, the city will lift all restrictions currently in place, including mask mandates on transit and in city facilities.

He adds despite public health orders lifting, the city’s goal of keeping everyone healthy isn’t going to change.

“As restrictions are removed, to help keep our community healthy, we’re going to continue with some of the precautions we implemented through Covid that we feel make sense to continue into the future,” said Holden. “And that is enhanced cleaning practices.”

Holden says all sanitization protocols will be in place for high traffic areas, and hand sanitizer will continue to be provided.

He says it’s important to remember that COVID-19 doesn’t go away just because restrictions do.”

“Covid isn’t ending, it’s not disappearing, and I think there is a need for all of us, as citizens in the community, as employees, to be mindful that COVID-19 is still prevalent in our community,” said Holden.

Holden says there is a plan in place to have all city staff back in the office by Labour Day.

With that being said, Holden says people need to move at a pace they’re comfortable with when restrictions lift.

“There is a level of confidence that the community is safe, and we as the city, are safe to move ahead without restrictions,” said Holden. “I think at that point, as a community, people that live in our community, we have to make some personal choices in terms of our own comfort level, and obviously we need to respect that.”

Holden says it make take a little bit for all services to return to pre-pandemic levels, just due to staffing.

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