Regina wins COVID-19 vaccine challenge

The race was close, but the #StickittoCOVID challenge between the mayors of Regina and Saskatoon goes to Sandra Masters.

“Well done Regina! I am so pleased to see that between Regina and Saskatoon over 10,000 first dose vaccines were delivered in two weeks,” said Mayor Sandra Masters in a release issued Friday afternoon. “A much deserved thank you to the residents of both cities, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and of course Mayor Clark for participating in this community challenge. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing Mayor Clark lip syncing and grooving to The Last Saskatchewan Pirate.  I will be sure to watch it from down ‘on Regina’s mighty shores.”

Regina administered 20.1 first doses per 1,000 people during the two-week challenge. Saskatoon’s 19.7 first doses per 1,000 people fell just short of claiming victory. The Mayors agreed that the city with the most first-dose vaccinations per capita from June 17 to June 30 would choose a song for the “loser” to lip sync in a video.

Mayor Clark is issuing a second challenge to Regina and Mayor Masters to see who can get the most doses, either first or second, for the month of July. Mayor Masters plans to, once again, jump Saskatoon’s bridges and knock him cold and sail off with his hay.

To date, Regina’s population is 73 per cent vaccinated with a first dose and Saskatoon just broke the 70 per cent milestone.

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