SGEU calling on provincial government to implement supports for frontline workers before re-opening in July

SGEU is hoping more is known about protection for frontline workers as we reach the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The union is calling for Premier Scott Moe to provide clear direction to employers on safety measures, improve mental health supports for frontline workers and paid sick leave across the province.

President Tracey Sauer says she has real concerns about Saskatchewan’s vaccine rate.

“The people aren’t getting vaccinated, we haven’t met the herd immunity yet, and we have those concerns,” Sauer said. “If our members and workers are not properly prepared to have the protections to be able to perform their jobs, they may be getting sick.”

While it comes to workers getting vaccinated, Sauer says workers have their own moral responsibilities.

“If they are not being vaccinated, they have to be held to make sure that they’re following all of the safety protocols as well.”

The province is moving ahead with its plan to resume a new normal with very few COVID restrictions on July 11th. Sauer says major changes need to be made between now and then to ensure frontline workers remain safe.

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