New phone app helps farmers determine grain bin quantity and quality


Saskatoon-based Verigrain says a new phone app is available to help give farmers details of grain bin quantity and quality.

The company says 70 percent of grain is sold undervalued because a farmer does not have accurate grain characteristics information.

Farmers can create a record of their grwain sample as it is loaded in or out of their bin to analyze, track and share the information with potential buyers.

The VeriGrain app includes features like the bin contents profile, showing sampled layers and a weighted average of the bin contents.

Another feature will beef and vibrate when it is time to take a sample.

The app allows easy interaction with labs for an independent, detailed analysis of the sample.

Verigrain CEO Ken Jackson says knowing what is exactly in the bin is crucial for maximum profit, ensuring there are no surprises when the grain is delivered.

He says the Verigrain app empowers farmers to make appropriate marketing decisions.

The introductory subscription price is 295 dollars a year.

There are also individual bar coded containers and tamper-evident sample bags.


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