STF President shows praise for teachers after COVID-impacted school year

The President of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is expressing his gratitude for the work educators have done during a pandemic-impacted school year.

Patrick Maze says the 2020-21 school year will go down as the most unpredictable school year of any teacher’s career.

“I’m just really proud of how teachers have responded and also proud of how parents and our educational communities have responded,” Maze said. “These have been really trying times, we recognize that, and we knew from the beginning that our main goal was everybody’s health and safety, and that has to come first.”

Maze says teachers are drained after a school year impacted by COVID-19.

“Teaching is a difficult job, let alone teaching in COVID times where you can’t do the fun activities that you have planned in your lessons, inquiry-based learning that involves often things like group work were non-existent this year,” Maze said. “That takes a lot of the fun out of it for teachers, for sure it takes the fun out of it for students.”

Maze says they will follow provincial guidance for classrooms.

“At the same point, every teacher I’ve talked to (has indicated) teaching is difficult, and yet to do it with a mask and to do it under the manners that we have over the last year is really a disincentive,” Maze said. “We really look forward to a time where we can get back to not wearing masks and feel a little more comfortable.”

Most schools will see students come back for a day or two next week before beginning their summer vacation.

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